Evil asymmetry in Standard Model physics
Good and Evil are in a state of superposition when a person or object is in its formative years, when decisions can be made for itself or bombs can be strapped on itself. Before that time, the person or object is an innocent fetus of pure Good, guaranteed to go to Heaven (especially if aborted in the third trimester!). Evil therefore has a fundamental asymmetry with Good that has been calculated to be proportional to the baryonic asymmetry of matter and anti-matter. Good and Evil are not pure conjugates, however, due to the fact that instead of mutual annihilation on contact, Good will always triumph over Evil. It is postulated that the two asymmetries are fundamentally connected, possibly through the spontaneous symmetry breaking in \textrm{FU}(2) \rightarrow \textrm{C}(0) \times \textrm{K}(2).

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