Michael Jackson

The other Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, otherwise known as Wacko Jacko, or MJackson (1958-2009) is a Conservapedia Sysop that allegedly was a popular performer and was thought have to Died on June 25, 2009 but is still alive and is Banning people on Conservapedia. He supposedly was a small Child in a boy band called the Jackson 5 and sang some random songs about the Alphabet. He then supposedly recorded 5 solo albums and recorded a whole bunch of music videos in which he smashes cars, and other stuff like that. He was said to have been changed his race and supposedly took ownership of children that were not his. Jackson, as we know, never actually did any of these things and all of the popular performer stuff above is just make-believe.

Jackson is just a lonely Neocon who sits and bans people, writes Conservative propaganda and creates shrines of Andy Schlafly. He is a large part of the Conservative Bible Retranslation Project.

People have accused Jackson of child molestation. He may have done this, but he did not lure kids with an amusement park since a CP sysop's salary of $0.04 cannot cover that.

Many people doubt that Jackson is in fact, a Conservative, but he actually is. He funded $245,532,000 for Dubya's 2000 and 2004 presidental campaigns.

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