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Sometimes the sillier Conservatives can't even tell when we're joking.

Morality is the exact opposite of everything the Bush/Cheney Administration has done, and will do won't do now that the American people kicked them out.

According to a White House insider, Karl Rove and Dick Cheney were having a competition about who could be the most immoral.

The Excruciating YearsEdit

This competition took place from 2001 on Inauguration Day to 2007. Rove took an early lead with his fresh win by spinning and manipulating the true will of the American people to unprecedented extent. But Cheney was ready to counter with his "Screw the Constitution" strategy, and then followed in for the kill with massive special-interest oil deals and supreme corruption of the entire Executive Branches. Shamed, Rove retired to do more spinmastery on Fox News. Cheney will always stay in our hearts as the most immoral man in existence one of the more immoral men in existence, though Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Kim Jong II and a few other dictators surpass even Cheney.

  1. Was this competition real?
  2. Alternatively did those upstanding Christian men of the Bush Administration achieve all that immorality without a competition to motivate them?

Readers can perhaps decide for themselves.

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