"There has been quite a lot of debate about objectivity in recent years, some of it polemical rather than illuminating. "- [1]

Here we're parodying Conservapedia and we know we're exaggerating.

Objective, the opposite of subjective, means without bias or point of view. This is a term that can easily and accurately be used to describe liberal thoughts (such as Atheism), ideas (such as Science), websites (such as Liberapedia) and liberals (such as, Bernie Sanders, Al Franken and Michael Moore).


In modern usage, however, we need to counteract and undermine the influence of the Neocons who have managed to appropriate this word and use it for their own twisted ends. Generally speaking, those who use this word to refer to such ridiculously subjective information sources as Conservapedia, Fox News and The Bible, pretending they're objective.

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  1. How To Be ObjectiveThis website is serious and isn't a parody.

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