A Crazy story about Aliens
This is right at the top of the page because Scientology advertisements regulary appear on this page. We don't know why Wikia accepts money from that questionable organisation.

Here’s a science fiction story about an alien called Xenu, I didn’t write it, someone called L. Ron Hubbard wrote it. Why is it important? All too often advertisements paid for by Scientology turn up on the Internet and some are obviously Scientology but others talk about Dianetics or just promise you ethical happiness etc without making the source clear. Well Scientology doesn’t look very ethical and many reasonable people say they’re more likely to empty your bank balance and make you less happy and less healthy than before. So if you find advertisements pretending saying they’ll improve your life and it all looks too good to be true keep away.

Scientology is a Religious cult that does great harm, however people try to laugh at it sometimes.

Liberal Theory of Scientology Edit

We like some jokes in Liberapedia.

Most prevalent practitioners of Scientology are rich, often actors, actresses and others professionally associated with Hollywood. This has led many intelligent people to believe that the rich are using Scientology as a combination of a fashion statement and a status symbol, because large cash donations are required to progress upwards in the Church of Scientology. However, Scientology has fell into self-parody, since the people who practice it are mostly the same, and there has been so much false (or maybe failed "true") announcements about it, that people just can't take it seriously. In fact, most people, when thinking on Scientology, the first thing that may come to their minds is that wacky fella who starred in Mission Impossible and Top Gun. Many theorize that people with large amounts of disposable income and a desire for publicity join the church of Scientology and make large donations in order to get publicity showcasing how much disposable income they have. That being said, Many liberals believe that since many poorer people are getting in and Financially Destroying themselves, the so-called Church must be stopped.

Conservative Theory of Scientology Edit

Here we're parodying Conservapedia and we know we're exaggerating.

Conservatives view Scientology as a Satanic Cult[1] [2] . They believe Scientologists are pooling their money together with the Jews in a massive global conspiracy to buy things so that Rupert Murdoch can not. This, along with homosexual marriage, abortion, porn, and quite possibly their latent knowledge that God doesn't exist, is quite possibly their greatest fear. So, at least Conservatives aren't completely stupid.

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