Sometimes the sillier Conservatives can't even tell when we're joking.

The War On Terror is America's greatest holy crusade since 'Nam.


The war was started by filthy Arabs from Saudi Arabia when they flew their freedom hating Devil jets into the World Trade Centre Statue of Liberty. This caused an international uproar, with every person on Earth yearning for America's holy retaliation.

The attack was quickly and efficiently traced back to Al Quada and Osama Bin Laden then a guest of the Taliban in Afghanistan. But they didn't have oil, so Dubya decided to go for the Devil worshipping and godless nation of Iraq. King Bush II expertly decided to liberate the heathen country of its godlessness.

The United Nations, not at all objective that it might cause military and domestic conflict everywhere on the globe, agreed with the proposal to liberate godless Iraq and even offered military support. But the selfless America refused, saying that only American (and other coalition) soldiers should be sacrificed in the name of freedom. The heroic American army quickly crushed the filthy Arabs and liberated Iraq.

America also liberated Afghanistan.

The war was then won and the world was once again safe from filthy Arabs and godless Communism. No repercussions were faced by anyone on Earth. At all.

Good GuysEdit


America is the greatest country on Earth. It has no flaws and has the greatest political system ever: freedom.

Bad GuysEdit

Filthy ArabsEdit

They are everywhere. They have infiltrated the very foundations of our society. They attend our reception desks, they drive our taxis, some of them even have their own countries. There are stories that the filthy Arabs have even been elected President.


A godless ideology where the government actually helps people. Like a nanny. Who do they think they are? People should help themselves! Americans certainly do.


The godless French have a multi-party democracy, equal rights for filthy Arabs and even Universal Health Care. They are the epitome of evil.

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