Gabrielle Dee Giffords
20160322 024133
Gabby Giffords
Political Party: Democrat
Education: Scripps College (B.A.)

Cornell University (M.A.)

Religion Reform Judaism
Born June 8, 1970

Gabrielle Dee "Gabby" Giffords often known as Gabby Giffords is a former Democratic member of the House of Representatives and is the first Jewish woman to have represented Arizona in Congress.

Political positionEdit

Giffords is a former Republican and a Blue Dog Democrat. Still she supported Obamacare which will help many low and middle income Americans.

Gabrielle Giffords now supports tougher gun controls and with her husband founded the "Americans for Responsible Solutions", an organisation aiming at strengthening gun controls. [1]

Every day we will recruit a few more allies, talk to a few more elected officials, convince a few more voters, we can get tough and win elections. [2]


Tragically some Gun nut proved how much Gun controls are needed by shooting Gabrielle Giffords in the head. He caused Gabby Giffords lasting Brain demage and killed several other people including one child, Christina Taylor Green, the Arizona Legislature ensured that notorious Fred Phelps wouldn't picket Christina's funeral. [8] [3]


Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords

Rep. Gabrielle "Gabby" Giffords (D-AZ)

As of early July 2011 Gabrielle Giffords was conscious and had made good progress, [4] [5]. She was discharged from hospital and communicated sufficiently well to write her memories with help from her husband and a professional author. [6] In early August she returned to Congress and voted in the crucial debt limitation debate. [7] In January 2012 sadly Gabriell resigned from Congress and says she must work further on her recovery. [8] If only guns were harder to obtain in the USA this tragedy would have probably never have happened. As of autumn 2012 Gifford was well enough to attend court and watch her attacker sentences to life in Prison. [9] As of 2013 Gifford has improved her health a great deal but is still seriously disabled, she will never be her old self again. On January 8 2018 (The 7th Anniversary of the horrible shooting) Giffords wrote an op-ed on USA Today about the shooting gave her the courage to fight gun violence[10]

Other victimsEdit

Other victims of that shooting weren't so lucky. Notable one victim was 9 year old girl born on September 11 2001 the day of 9/11.[11]


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