Gay Agenda is a BS Conspiracy theory commonly used by Conservatives to describe what certain segments of American society believe to be an attempt by all gay rights advocates to reshape American society in such a way that straights would begin to suffer some form of discrimination. There is no proof for this, as the overwhelming majority of them simply want to be left alone and be allowed to live their lives as they wish, as is the right of any other group of American citizens. But the Neocons still use it as a way to take away rights from gays.

"The term "gay agenda" is used to scare people into voting a certain way. There is no such thing except in the minds of those who want to manipulate the population into voting for the party that is going to stop this supposed agenda" [{{{1}}}] A popular conservative tactic is to get a referendum on gay marriage on the ballot to increase the conservative turnout in an important election. Wouldn't it be funny if the referendum passed?

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