This article attacks Conservative Christians though we recognise that Liberal Christians can be better.

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Genesis is a religious text that is considered by many to be a science fiction book, filled with some pretty racy stuff about creating the Earth and the universe in a few days, see Young Earth Creationism. The creator is a Big Brother-like character who can be quite frightening.

It's right up there with Neuromancer, and other similar works.

Christian Fundamentalists think all that six day stuff is literally true. Liberal Christians aren't quite so extreme and think Genesis is symbolic of something or other in some way or other.

The BandEdit

Genesis is also the name of a rather good British band, who have nothing to do with religion. Their lead singer for a time was Peter Gabriel, and in this period they were awesome and liberal. Their hit song Watcher of the Skies with the best mellotron intro in music, talks about the futility of George Bush-style space travel. The other amazing song, the twenty three minute long supper's ready, is a love song that borrows imagery from Revelations and makes it sound ridiculous, lampooning God as a 'guaranteed eternal sanctuary man' and willow farm, where everything changes. The drummer was the magnificent Phil Collins, whose song 'In The Air Tonight' may be about God. But even if it is, he can be forgiven, as it contains one of the most iconic drum solos in the history of music.

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