George soros & andrew baron

George Soros with Andrew Baron

George Soros (born George Schwartz on August 12, 1930 in Budapest, Hungary) is a fairly liberal Hungarian-American financier, businessman, and philanthropist. Soros is well known for his political activism by giving to great liberal causes. He's a supporter of controversial voluntary euthanasia, and also has been involved in questionable but profitable financial speculation. He made money during Black Wednesday when speculators worldwide destabilised the British currency and he has been convicted of insider trading. [1] So it seems that like most people he has human weakness.

Personal lifeEdit

Soros is twice divorced and his ex-wives are Annaliese Witschak and Susan Weber Soros. He has four sons, Robert, Jonathan, Alexander, and Gregory and one daughter, Andrea.


Bible-Thumping Republicans on Soros Edit

Most Republicans, almost all of which are Bible Thumpers, blame George Soros for EVERYTHING. They think he is in charge of the 2017 Charlottesville Protests, or in charge of the National Anthem kneeling during NFL games.


  1. Insider trading conviction

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