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The Presidential legacy of George W. Bush is said to reach now below the legacy ratings of Margaret Thatcher if she had been President. Seriously -- what is the Bush legacy? The Middle East got f---ed up. America's reputation abroad got f---ed up. What else happened?

Helping the Democratic PartyEdit

Bush was also rumoured to be a secret Liberal in the Republican Party. According to these rumors, Bush's personal goal of his presidency was to illustrate how ridiculous Conservatism is so America would never elect a Conservative again. His efforts were quite successful, and for months after his presidency, he was praised as being the greatest thing to ever happen to the Democratic Party. Sadly, America shoved its head up its ass again after Fox News Channel scared everyone into thinking Obamacare was Socialist, even though they fail to mention the bill was full of compromises the Republicans put in making it so that there is no Public Option--making the bill the exact opposite of Socialism. Because of this, Bush's anti-conservative legacy came to an end in the 2010 mid-term election.

Possible locationsEdit

The Legacy is rumored to be hiding in many different locales, namely:


Oh forget it, we know Dubya doesn't make plans.

"I'm not the kind of guy that sits here going, 'Gosh, I'm worried about my legacy,'"- George W. Bush

Current activitiesEdit

The Legacy has been identified by many anonymous townfolk over the course of Bush's freakishly long Presidency:

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