We exaggerate just a little sometimes.

Georgia is one of the United States of America. Right above Florida unless your map is upside down, Georgia is part of The South, and is called the Empire State of the South. Traditionally, when Election Day came rolling around, they painted Georgia red, which means that the Neocons had taken it over but this may change. [1] In the previous two elections, the Republican candidate just barely won it.

Georgia is a founding member of both the United States and the Confederate States of America.

Georgia has nearly 10 million people with about 2 thirds white and 3 tenths black, the remainder are minorities or Mixed race. 14 percent are considered poor.     

However, Georgia also produced Liberals like Jimmy Carter and Martin Luther King Jr. Surprisingly, Georgia was one of the few states that that was smart enough to not vote for Ronald Reagan in 1980, but they changed their minds in 1984 and, except for when Clinton won it in 1992, have voted for the Republican candidate ever since.

Atlanta is its capital and is FAR more progressive than the rest of Georgia, or any other parts of the Deep South period. It also has the world's busiest airport. The closest place that could be considered progressive is Chattanooga.

Georgia is also a country bordering Russia but that's a different Georgia.

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  1. Ga. and Az. Must be Considered Swing States in 2016

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