Gerald Rudolph Ford Jr.
20151107 183604
Mr. Ford.
Political party: Republican
Born: July 14, 1913
Died December 26 2006 (Age 93)

Gerald Rudolph Ford Jr. was President of the United States even though no one ever voted for him, not even as Vice President of the United States. Richard Nixon appointed him VP, then later Ford pardoned his friend Nixon. Despite being recent, he happens to be one of the least known of presidents ever, though it is possible that presidents Millard Filmore and Franklin Pierce surpassed him.

Gerald Ford was named Leslie Lynch King Jr. at birth but his parents' marriage didn't work out so he got the name of his mother's second husband.

Before he died Ford said he opposed an independent commission to investigate 9/11.[1]

He died of a heart attack and was given a State funeral in December 2006.


  1. Gerald Ford Opposes Independent Probe Of 9/11 Attacks

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