Agnostics might think like this but we can't generalise.

God is who apparently the creator of the Earth. If he did create the Earth, He definitely did it by using Biology, cells, bacteria, and DNA. Evolution doesn't really disprove God, nor can anything, but nothing can prove his existence either. Wait, it can't be a man, God is obviously not a human, since there are so many species on Earth. God is also obviously not just on Earth, "He" would have to be in control of the entire Universe.

If God does exist, let's hope he is not the literal god of the Bible. After all, why would God only allow a certain group of Humans into his kingdom while the others are sentenced to "damnation". I don't understand. If he does exist; the Bible must be misunderstood and obviously figurative. The idea of Adam and Eve being literally made from sand or any spontaneous origin is easily laughable. It is also obvious that the world is OLD, VERY OLD. [1] If God exists, I would expect god to care about all of Science's creations. God also obviously works through Science if he exists.

Heaven - If a god exists; I would expect afterlife to be available to anyone and that it would have all species in it. The idea of hell seems way too complex; due to mental insanity and different things that ruin a persons "Faith". 

Evil - It obviously exists in every aspect. If the deity exists; let's hope he does not fight for evil and ignorance. If Satan also exist; let's hope its just a natural part of life and not a force that will drag one into a burning Hell.

Afterlife - I would be content with other ideas such as Reincarnation or just Death.

Atheists - Atheists are very factual. While they seem more realistic; nobody can truly tell that god doesn't exist. While they can also be nice people; not many seem to think about other ideas. However it doesn't surprise me that the conservative Christians seem very disliked by them compared to much meeker religions.

Conclusion - I still can't tell; but I doubt I will switch to become a full-pledged member of the Baptist church anytime soon.

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  1. Deep Time A History of the Earth

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