Godwin's Law states that if you try and win an argument by comparing the other persons argument in some way to Hitler or the Nazis then providing that there's no good real link you lose.

The biggest flaw is that even though Hitler was a really bad guy, that doesn't mean every single thing he did was bad, not everything he did reflects WW II or the holocaust. Hitler supported animal rights, but that doesn't mean that people who care for animals are Nazis. Hitler ate sugar, that doesn't make eating sugar evil. Of course also if people who are/were not Nazis are called Nazis that just shows Deceit or Ignorance.

This doesn't stop people from using that argument though.

Legitimate comparisons to NazisEdit

Most of those named in our Category:Nazis are/were Nazis or can be compared to Nazis. Even there you should be careful as some are/were Fascists rather than complete Nazis, and we can't be certain that not any contributor will ever put someone who isn't/wasn't a Nazi into that category.


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