The Greco Roman religion had a big influence on Western culture though few people still believe in it.


  • Zeus was the leader of the gods in Greek religion. Romans named him Jupiter and named the Planet Jupiter after him.
  • Poseidon was the Greek god of the Oceans and sea. Romans named him Neptune and the planet Neptune was named arfter him.
  • Hades was the ruler of the underworld in the Greek religion. Romans named him Pluto and the Dwarf Planet, Pluto was named after him.
  • 'Mars or Ares to the Greeks was god of war, Romans named the planet Mars after him.
  • Janus was also Roman god of war and beginnings.
  • Helios was a Sun god, the Romans called him Sol.
  • Apollo was another sun god who did other stuff as well.
  • Sterculius was the Roman god of feces which Romans used to fertilize fields. Sterculius helped farmers fertilize fields and grow crops. [1]



Some sources say that the Greek variation of the Underworld is located across Oceanus, while others say it is deep underground. Hades and the Underworld can be interchangeable when referring to the land of the dead.

There are three main parts of the underworld:

  • The Asphodel Fields
  • Tartarus
  • Elysium

The Elysian Fields were for the good and heroic souls where they would be forever happy. Tartarus was where the evil and treacherous souls were sent to live out eternity in horrible punishment. The Asphodel Meadows are for people who simply lived and did nothing amazing, but nothing bad enough to make them go to Tartarus.

Five Rivers flow through the underworld:

  • Acheron: Woe
  • Cocytus: Wailing
  • Lethe: Forgetfulness
  • Pyriphlegethon: Fire
  • Styx: Hate

The palace of Hades is described as being "very full" and "many-gated". Not much else is known.

This section includes material from Mythology Wiki.

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  1. Sterculius Roman Fertilizer God

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