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Green Day is a band from California. The band was originally created by a few teenagers in 1987 and was called Sweet Children. In 1994, they became very mainstream with their album Dookie with hits such as "Longview" and "When I Come Around". In 2005, they made a large hit called American Idiot on an album of the same name, which targeted George Bush. Billy Joe Armstrong, the lead singer, is an atheist [1] and thinks many in the Republican Party are ‘Rotten To The Core’. [2]

They have made four albums since American Idiot, which are 21st Century Breakdown, uno!, dos!, and Tres!.


  1. Billie Joe Armstrong - "Religion is a bunch of bullshit"
  2. Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong: Palin, Huckabee ‘Rotten To The Core,’ Democrats Are ‘Fu*king P***ies’

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