A map of Guatemala.

Guatemala is a Country in Central America. It shares a border with Mexico, Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador. Guatemala was colonized by Spain, so Spanish is spoken there. Guatemala has a very high Native American population. The language of the ancient Mayan people is also spoken as more than half the people are Mayan.

During the 1990's there was a bitter Civil war, during that trouble US backed government troupes were guilty of numerous war crimes that for a long time remained unpunished. There are Rich people in Guatemala but there is also far too much Poverty especially among Native Americans in rural areas. Too many Guatemalan people are Illiterate, too many babies die and there is too much malnutrition. [1]

There is also too much Drug addiction in Guatemala. There are allegations Fundamentalist Christians lock addicts up against their will and are physically abusive. [2]


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  2. The rehab centres that lock up addicts against their will

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