Gypsies, more accurately called "Roma" or "Romani" (they really don't care for the word "gypsy"), are true nomads who used to ply throughout Europe on caravans but today, most are settled. In Europe, as in the past, the Conservatives hate them, they are discriminated against.


In Family Matters, they are very conservative although this is gradually changing, but politically, they are in tune to the environment, and have the philosophy of a true liberal. Family and clan is phonomenally important in Romani culture, typified in the expression "me against my brother, my brother and I against my cousin but my cousin and I against the stranger". Modesty is encouraged - for example, revealing the lower body to strangers is strictly mahrime ("spiritually unclean" or "dishonourable") - but this should not be confused with drabness. The telling of tall tales for amusement (somewhat similar to the Nordic boasting contests) is observed in many clans.

Conservative StereotypesEdit

Various stereotypes by European conservatives have in the past branded them as prostitutes (pre-marital sex is actually forbidden by Romani cultural law), fortune tellers, thieves (actually the result of different definitions of ownership), etc. because their liberal religious practices offended the conservative blowhards in charge of the country and church. The Romani are majority Hindu but have always observed that religion is a personal choice and up to the individual. Individual Romani may follow any religion although this will always be overlaid with an assortment of cultural traditions and customs known as the Rominaya.

Adolf Hitler killed somewhere between 500,000 and two million of them for the reason that they choose not to have an empire of their own. While Romani culture generally emphasises the need to look ahead rather than back, there is a growing cultural movement to restore the porajmos (Literally "devouring", the Romani word for the Holocaust) to it's context as a major turning point in Romani history. The common expression "na bista 500,000" ("Don't forget the 500,000!") stems from this movement. These stereotypes are known for anyone using them to be usually assholes and/or (usually and) conservatives and/or Neo-Nazis. Prejudice against the Romani is known as antiziganism. Anyone discriminating against them is prejudiced, and Disney's film The Hunchback of Notre Dame deserves kudos in all areas for their positive portrayal of the culture.

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