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Hamas (acronym for the Arabic "Islamic Resistance Movement") is an Islamic nationalist socio-political organisation that is currently in power in the Palestinian region of Gaza. It is questionably classified as terrorist by the United States, the European Union and Israel.


Hamas is responsible for firing rockets into Israel and killing some people. Israel has to fight back and they (Hamas) uses their civilians as human shields


A bill has been passed allowing questionable “Koranic punishments”. The source is unclear what actions Hamas would punish by crucifixion, perhaps the threat of crucifixion should deter a wide range of actions that Hamas doesn’t want people to do.

  1. Executions are allowed including crucifixion.
  2. People can have a hand amputated as a punishment for some crimes.
  3. People can get 40 lashes for drinking, possessing or making wine.
  4. Rivals to Hamas may be sentenced to death if they negotiate in ways which Hamas feels are against its interests.


Hamas burned 15 tons of Snicker bars due to a Recall.[1]

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  1. Hamas burns 15 tons of Snickers bars following recall

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