Harold ford is an American Democratic Party politician. He is chairmen of the Democratic Leader Ship Council a group of self described New Democrats who consider liberalism to be the down fall of the Democratic Party. Ford was noted saying that the Democrats need to continue their moderate/conservative political movement. Ford claims the success of conservatives in the Democratic Party can be marked by the election of Bill Clinton as he believes Clinton is a conservative democrat and was a two term president. Ford was a congressman from Tennessee in a district where his father served before him. He ran for senate however he was defeated by a right wing extremist candidate who attacked him for being black. Ford almost ran for senator of New York against moderate to liberal Democrat Kristian Gillabrand who Ford thought was two liberal to run however, he eventually dropped out. Ford supports Obama’s decision to work with the Republicans and raise taxes on the middle class and cut taxes for the rich [citation needed] which has caused Barney Frank and Bernie Sanders to lead a fill a buster.


In Congress Ford was one of 81 Democrats to vote for the Iraq war [1]. Ford considers himself pro-life although he supports abortion in some circumstances. When running for Senate Ford claimed he had an 87 percent pro life voting record. Ford opposed a filibuster on Samuel Alto, saying that Democrats who supported it were fringe liberals and were out of touch with mainstream moderate to conservative middle Americans [2]. Ford supported the defence against marriage act and opposes gay marriage. However, he supports affordable health care insurance, saying: "To start, we need to provide affordiable health care and universal college and lifelong education." [3] Ford supports fiscally conservative politics part of the time and is a member of the Blue Dog Democrats. He also supported the Bush tax cuts, and he opposes progressive taxation and supports a balanced budget. He opposes the death penalty and has an anti death penalty voting record. He supports Bill Clinton’s centrist politics which are centre right- or moderate right-wing by European standards.

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