Hedonism the philosophy that pleasure is the ultimate goal of life.

Irrational HedonismEdit

Hedonism is often associated with activities that are immediately gratifying such as doing drugs, gambling, prostitution, and singing gangsta rap. People who follow that type of hedonism don’t get long term happiness. They get trouble like AIDS if they have sex with the wrong people. They get sick through drug abuse or alcohol abuse. They get only bad friends and bad sexual partners who won’t help them when things go wrong. Above all the have little or no self respect.

BUT..... they are really fun to party with. Just don't get AIDS from them!

Rational HedonismEdit

Rational hedonism involves being aware of the dangerous activities mentioned above, avoiding them to obtain the most long-term happiness possible. Rational hedonists will not abuse drugs, alcohol, etc. Since the aforementioned dangers are avoided, rational hedonism where one thinks long-term is a logical way to go about life.

Rational hedonists look after the welfare and happiness of other people as well as themselves. That way rational hedonists have self respect, have the respect of other people and get good, reliable friends.

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