A (Stereotypical) Hillbilly. Notice his belly, they call that a "beer belly". A lot of hillbillies have it. It's from drinking a lot of alcohol.

Don't take everything we write seriously.

Hillbilly is a term that describes, basically, most of the people who read the website Conservapedia.

What they are likeEdit

They are mostly people with an IQ just above or lower than our former president and cowboy, George W. Bush, which is pretty low (a resounding 9[citation needed]

). They enjoy banging their heads against the wall, talking about how amazing their Commander in Chief is, wearing overalls and straw hats, playing the gee-tar and banjo at hoe-downs while drinking beer by the gallon, marrying their cousins, not brushing their teeth, installing their toilets in the front door so they don't need to stop playing banjo when nature calls, and enjoying living in ignorance. Well it's just a bit like that anyway.
Mississippi Conservatives Talk About Their Hatred Of Obama02:26

Mississippi Conservatives Talk About Their Hatred Of Obama

Mississippi conservative hillbillies (funny!)

Where they are most likely to live Edit

Hillbillies who use Conservapedia will most likely dwell in southern region of the United States. A more specific location of a high concentration of hillbillies is West Virginia and many of them live in the Bible Belt.


The term Hillbilly is used to refer to those with ancestors from Ireland who were allied with the British King William (Billy) had the most support during the contest for the throne against his uncle James II (who was allied with the tyrant Louis XIV of France). Many of these people settled in the Appalachian mountain range - the hills - and were known as "Billy-boys of the hills" and then as "hillbillies". These people were generally considered buffoons for supporting the LIBERAL King. It is quite interesting how the usage has changed.

Because of a simple country lifestyle and lower educational standards, they became despised by cityfolk and stereotyped. The term began to be applied to people with a certain attitude and political stance - the type of person who would perhaps build a nuclear (pronounced "nuk-you-lerr") shelter in their back yard. Ironically, the original hillbillies were rugged frontiersmen who were fiercely liberal, strongly for the idea of religious freedom, and who wrought the US Constitution.

Political Affiliation Edit

This is not a very diverse bunch. They all nearly all vote for the Republican candidate, and therefore serve the purpose of the ignorant vote in elections. While they have right to vote (regrettably), it would be nice if this dull bunch would think before they vote. It would help the intelligent people a lot. Or they can save themselves the pain of attempting to use their withered brain cells (withered because excess of alcohol and lack of many in the first place (genetics), and not vote at all! That would be beneficial for everybody!

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