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Hinduism is world's third largest religion following Christianity and Islam. Hinduism is a diverse religion, although some basic tenets can be identified in Hinduism. Most Hindus believe that the spirit or "self" of a person (ātman) is eternal which cannot die. Polytheistic Hinduism teaches there are gods (Devas, feminine Devī) who are distinct from Ishvara (the supreme god). According to Hindu epics, the God incarnated several times in the form of avatar to establish dharma (virtuous path) in the society and to lead people towards moksha (freedom). Vishnu is the most important deity in Hinduism.

The Bhagavad Gita is the Hindu holy book.

Karma is the effect on an individual resulting from his/her past actions. If they did anything good in past, they will get beneficial effects and if they did anything wrong, they will receive harmful effects. Hinduism says, in the entire lifespan of an individual, there should be two stages - Grihastha and Sannyasa. Purusharthas are the goal of life. According to Grihastha, the life has four goals or Purusharthas:

  • Kāma or sexual fulfillment
  • Artha or wealth
  • Dharma or virtuous path
  • Moksha or freedom.

When the Grihastha Dharma enters the Sannyasa phrase, an individual must reject all these Purusharthas except Moksha which will be their primary objective at that time.

There are many practices among Hindus. One of the core practice is pūjā (worship), the purpose of which is to seek blessings from the god. The worship can take place either in home or in mandir (temples). Hindus worship through religious objects called murti (idol) which is considered to be the divine spirit or manifestation of God.

India has the highest Hindu population in the world. Nepal is also a Hindu majority country where approximately 81% of the population is Hindu.

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