Hindutva is an ideology adopted by a minority of Hindus which is sometimes intolerant. [1] Hinduism is pre-eminently tolerant to all other religions and believes that each man or woman will attain salvation if he/she follows his/her own religion" - Acharya RajNarayan Basu, 1873[2]

Hindutva oppose cow slaughter (not to be confused with the concept of animal rights). People can get beaten to death for eating beef. [3] As the Hindutva ideology has grown more powerful over the years, many Hindutva activists have taken part in riots against minority communities in India.[4] The Hindutva ideology is described as a fascist ideology.[5][6] Although this ideology is associated with Hinduism, the majority of Hindus who are tolerant or "secular" do not support the Hindutva movement. Some tolerant or "secular" Hindus describe the supporters of the Hindutva movement as "Hindu Taliban".[7][8]


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