We [Hispanics] love this wonderful country [the USA] and have become an integral part of it. At the same time, we are very proud of our Latino culture. We strive to keep alive our customs, our language and our values. [1]

Hispanics are a group of people originally from South America and Central America that Conservatives hate. Conservatives hate them because not all Hispanics are white, many Hispanics are poor and Hispanics tend to vote Democrat. There have been Hispanics in the United States of America throughout its history but Conservative Republicans treat them as outsiders and look down on them specially if they are poor.


The majority of Hispanics are Roman Catholics but sizable numbers are converting to Protestant churches or giving up religion completely. [2]


  1. Let's Explore Hispanic Culture This website has a great deal of useful information about the Hispanic culture.
  2. Religion in Latin America, Widespread Change in a Historically Catholic Region

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