Houston is the largest city in Texas with a population of over 2 Million. There is a major commercial port, Business, Finance, Science and technology are important there. Texas is important for developing manned space flight. [1]

Houston is moderate, but quite liberal for a city in Texas.

Annise Parker Edit

A rather strange thing for a Texan city is that Annise Parker, an openly lesbian woman is the elected mayor.

The mayor’s tenure includes passage and implementation of Rebuild Houston, a pay-as-you-go comprehensive street and drainage improvement program that will provide jobs for Houstonians for years to come; voter approval of a $410 million public improvement bond program; creation of an independent organization to oversee the City’s crime lab operations; a unique sobering center for public intoxication cases; adoption of a long-term financial plan that ensures the stability of the City’s water department and reorganization of City departments to achieve cost savings and more efficient operations. She created a new City department focused on the needs of neighborhoods and the Office of Business Opportunity to help minority and women-owned small business enterprises compete for City contracts. Additionally, she won City Council approval of a Historic Preservation Ordinance that, for the first time, provides real protection for historic properties in City-designated historic districts and she issued one of the most comprehensive non-discrimination orders in the nation. [2]
Overall Annise Parker is doing a great deal that voters in |Houston like.


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