This article attacks Conservative Christians though we recognise that Liberal Christians can be better.

This article is a bit Subjective. If You don't like it ... sorry about that.

This is an article on fighting the Christian extremists, aka - the mad fundies. Here, you will be able to find strategies on how to beat them in debates and political conversations, or of course, just piss them off. Remember, the Religious Right always have a Bible to smack you if you disagree with them, so be careful.

Types Of ChristiansEdit

There are 3 basic types of Christians:

Liberal ChristiansEdit

Liberal Christians agree with modern Science. They also understand that the Church is not God and realise their outdated oppressive political views are not God's views but their own. They can even be very religious (not on a fundie way, but just that they doubtlessly believe God is there.) They usually are usually Pro-choice and support gay marriage.

Normal ChristiansEdit

That's Christians who can be both liberal and conservative. The point is, they won't rub their stances on religion against your face and judge you by their own.

Aggressive FundiesEdit

These come from the Religious Right. They always oppress liberal and secular movements. They are the real enemy and we will teach you how to fight them. You can mostly find them on Conservapedia, Conservative Wiki and the Republican party.


Things fundies usually complain about:


"If you support abortion, you're a murderer!" is the line fundies usually come up when arguing about abortion. Note that they are usually the ones who are pro-capital punishment. They're against using contraception (that can lead to deadly sexual diseases AIDS and other forms of STD) and against Stem cell research that will find cures for presently untreatable deadly diseases; they are even against research that can at least find medicines that will ease the symptoms and help the body fight against these diseases. Traditionally they were against the Affordable Care Act and other free health provision that reduces the death rate among born babies, Children and adults. You can always point these facts while arguing with a Fundie. You can also ask him/her is it right to keep the child if it is mentally or physically damaged, that will force that fundie to think (for them, that is a huge effort.) Discussing the fact how would the number of illegal abortions grow if it was illegal and how dangerous would these abortions be can also help you. See Christianity and the Commandment not to Murder

Finally, if the fundie still insists on annoying you, you can get down on his/her level and say: "I hope the fetus you save is gay!" That will confuse him/her and make him argue with him/herself, so you can just walk away.

Gay marriageEdit

Throughout history, the more extreme Christians have been oppressing and destroying everything and everyone that goes against their particular Christian interpretation. Examples are the reconquista, the witch hunts, the Spanish Inquisition ... and presently, gay people and their right to marry. The fundie you're arguing with will most probably say nobody can feel naturally homosexual. Homosexual and bisexual animals (they do exist) are the living proof that that statement is completely wrong. [1][2] They will then begin to state that being homosexual is "plain wrong and immmoral," but you can respond by saying: "God wouldn't create homosexuals if they are so immoral." At this point, the fundie will realise that arguing you will get him embarrassed and he/she is going to either stop arguing or start insulting you. If he/she starts insulting you, that means he/she is out of any arguments and you should use that against her/her or just walk off and find something more pleasant to do.

Note: If he/she is a genuine homophobe, arguing ain't worth it.

Secularism in the American School ProgramEdit

The religious right wants Intelligent design to be taught in public schools, but it's not. And that's why they are making such a fuss about it. This system also presumes that everyone in the United States of America is a Christian and a Christian fundamentalist and that agnostics, atheists, Deists Muslims, Jews and sane people don't exist. A normal Human brain might ask itself: "Why the f**k anyone wants to believe Earth, life and the Universe did not exist until 6010 years ago?" , but a fundie will say: "Screw logic and Common sense!"

"Why the Hell do you guys always believe you know more about the universe and life than scientists and Astronomers? You're the same guys who caused problems for anyone who didn't believe that the Sun and the other planets are circling around Earth." He might say that was a long time ago and we aren't the same now so use a different argument.

He might say. "But the Bible says...", he starts talking about how the Bible is always right and true and right... but you should answer to that somehow like this: "The was written 2000 years ago, people had no science to explain them the existence of life, Earth, universe and themselves, so they wrote the Bible but we understand things better today." The fundie will angrily try to respond, but continue before he does: "Other than that, not all the children are Christians." The fundie will most likely say something like "How dare you." or "The Satan is controlling your thoughts." You most likely ruined her/his day already, but feel free to read some books written by Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchens out loud or if you want to be tactful you can always read quietly.

Secularism in GeneralEdit

The fundies want to destroy the freedom of ordinary people to enjoy a secular lifestyle, tell them they have no right to rule your life.

General WelfareEdit

Despite the fact that Jesus told people to give their money to the Poor, Conservatives are regularly against government spending money on welfare, health care, and even education, which helps poorer families succeed. They often quote the psychopath Ayn Rand, who ironically was an anti-theist.

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