We like some jokes in Liberapedia.

Human dominianism is a dumb excuse to make sure that it is completely okay to destroy anything on Earth that you want or that Big business finds profitable. For instance; they want to make sure that destroying anything natural is fine; most of them think that if you kill all the trees; that you will still live because God will just randomly give you the oxygen (hint - God gave the world trees too; so why would you get rewarded for killing them). Also; many Christians choose to cross out any verses that they don't feel comfortable with. You will never see a fundamentalist say not to kill a tree because it is god's creation. In fact; they will say that since we have "dominion" over them; we are "better" and more "perfect" and "blessed" than all the "dumb trees that they see". However; they still tell you that you can't be gay.

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