The Hunger Games is set of 4 films and 3 novels about a brave girl who competes in a game run by a cruel dictator who brings 24 teens from 12 districts to fight to their bloody ends . The goal of the whole thing is to kill the President . There are 12 districts 

District 1 - A wealthier district (being a career district, and by the district standards). They make jewels and the mining in the area is great, and it is probably near Utah.

District 2 - The district has citizens that work all day and train for war-like preparation. They make all the ammunition and are a career district.

District 3 - The district is one of the poorest districts. Most of its citizens probably sleep in tents outside the factories and wait for their meals in long lines. It focuses on technology.

District 4 - Another wealthy district, it is the West Coast, it does fishing and makes all sorts of seafood and other sea-related products. In the books, it's a career district, in the films, it is not.

District 5 - Energy district, it has the dam which provides electricity for them and the Capitol.

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