Hypothermia is a medical condition where the body's core temperature drops below 95°F or 35°C. Normal body temperature varies but is within the region of 98.6°F or 37°C core temperature in normal humans is higher at 99.6 °F or 37.6 °C. [1] Humans Evolved in Africa and because Humans are still basically a tropical species we are vulnerable to hypothermia when living well away from the tropics. People frequently recover from mild hypothermia but severe hypothermia is life threatening. People die from cold. [2]

  1. Some cases of hypothermia happen because people do silly things in cold weather or get caught unexpectedly/unprepared in cold conditions. Hypothermia can set in dangerously fast in water because the body loses heat repidly.
  2. Other cases of hypothermia happen because Poor people can't always afford to buy the fuel they need to keep their homes warm.
  3. Homeless people have nowhere to shelter in cold weather. [3]

Hypothermia and the UKEdit

Deaths among vulnerable poor people, especially elderly people increase during the winter in the UK. This always happens during UK winter and Hypothermia is the main cause. [4] In Scandinavian countries, notably Norway, Sweden, Finland winters are regularly harsher than in the UK but hypothermia kills fewer people because the Welfare state looks after vulnerable people better. Deaths from hypothermia have increased in the UK over the last 5 years, fuel prices have risen and the government hasn't done enough to protect vulnerable people. [5]


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  2. The temperature ranges for mild, moderate, and severe hypothermia generally are, mild hypothermia (90-95°F or 33-35°C), moderate hypothermia (82-90°F or 27-33°C), severe hypothermia, (below 82°F or 27°C). What Is Hypothermia?
  3. She died where she lived: at the bus stop.
  4. Winter death toll 'falls by 8%'
  5. Hypothermia deaths double over five years

External linksEdit

These links show what you as an ordinary person can do if you find someone with hypothermia. Remember if you find a person with severe hypothermia call the emergency services.

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