All able states should join the fight against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq and redouble efforts to prevent further attacks by the militant group, the United Nations security council has declared in a unanimous vote. [1]

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The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant(ISIL; Arabic: الدولة الإسلامية في العراق والشام‎), also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS, /ˈaɪsɨs/), the Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham, Daesh, or simply Islamic State (IS), is a Wahhabi/Salafi jihadist extremist militant group, self-proclaimed to be a caliphate and Islamic state. IS should be defeated completely and if they are defeated, it would be a huge celebration. IS is a terrible barbaric group of zealots who have no emotion or real thought of others. They only care for their interpretation of Islam and wants to kill as many people as they can. Isis wants to pull a 9/11-style attack on America.[2] If they fail any of their missions, their operatives likely face prison for a very long time, if they weren't killed outright by the many (relatively saner) forces.

ISIS recuits children then kills them[3]

Charlie HebroEdit

Russian PlaneEdit

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the Russian plane being taken down. They even said that a soda can took down the plane.[4] So expect the law to say that you can no longer bring a soda can onto a Airplane.

Paris AttacksEdit

John KerryEdit

John Kerry feels ISIS ideology "frankly comes out of the stone age, making a mockery of a peaceful religion." [5]

Data BreachEdit

On March 10 2016 ISIS Was hit by a data breach that revealed at least 22,000 of its members.[6] That's definitely a very good thing.


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