The Red Is Illinois

Illinois is a state in the Midwest. Slightly over half of it is totally epic, but Illinois is partly in the United States Bible Belt and parts have too many Fundy Christians. Unusually for a Bible Belt state Illinois was a Free state before the American Civil War, most Bible Belt states are former Slave states.

There are good points to Illinois though. Chicago is in Illinois. Great liberals such as Barack Obama come from Illinois and so does Hillary Clinton! For some time Abraham Lincoln lived there, his tomb is in the capital, Springfield. The economy of Illinois is part agricultural and part industrial.

Despite their strict gun control laws, Illinois has one of the highest crime rates in the country. Conservatives use this as justification for less gun control, but the real reason for all the violence is that federal gun trafficking laws are very weak. It is practically legal for somebody with no criminal record to buy a gun in Indiana, drive it across the state line, and sell it to a gang in Chicago[1].


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