An independent scholar refers to, essentially, any one person who affiliates a love of knowledge with chaotic tendencies at hand. A number of today's greatest scholars reside in an academy of some sort; the independent variety requires no place of learning, only resources, many of them being readily available, (I.E. The mind,, the Internet, text, and useful quotes of Oscar Wilde. The independent scholar may or may not be generalized with a culture of romanticism; betwixt the definition of a poor musician, and the variety of true, free-traveling people we know as hippies. Independent scholars would define themselves primarily as free-thinkers; if it may be said without deep plagues wished upon myself, they may be considered Agnostic. May it also be said without much ado that most stated people would be considered on the liberal side of things.

Advantages and disadvantagesEdit

Scholars who have learnt thinking at places like Universities tend to look down on independent scholars. At its best formal education teaches such areas as the Scientific method which helps students and graduates to think. Independent Scholars lose out on that. Independent Scholars also avoid getting brainwashed into believing whatever the current academic prejudice is in their subjects.

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