Iowa is 95% white. It gains attention once every four years because it holds its primaries first. Despite being 95% white, Iowans have the ability to ignore fears of racism, choosing the candidate with the most oratorical skills, charisma, and best ability to lead.

Iowans maintain the reputation for holding education as a very high value. Iowans rank near the top in the nation for graduating from high school and attending college.

Recently, Iowa displayed its powers of rationality and intelligence via the Iowa Supreme Court by ruling that any ban on gay marriage violates the equality and liberty clauses of the Iowa Constitution. This proves that Iowa is not redneck. Only some of it is. The majority rocks. Hard. Maggie Gallagher really didn't like this.


Iowa has three vowels and only one consonant (which, ironically, is itself a semivowel).[1]


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