A lost war is a won war if you don't know the rules.

Ivanhoe is the novel of Middle Age Revival. Essentially, it involves a glassy-mirror surface of chivalry and splintered lances, which excite our young earth creationists into going to Iraq to pretend a winning war; remember Oscar Wilde's quote, "The world is a stage, with a large amount of bad actors...". To tell the truth, Ivanhoe involves a lot of shots at fascists. The following passage is referring to Isaac, a Jewish man in the story: "The attendants of the Abbot crossed themselves, with looks of pious horror; and the very heathen Saracens, as Isaac drew near them, curled up their whiskers with indignation, and laid their hands on their poniards, as if ready to rid themselves by the most desperate means from the apprehended contamination of his nearer approach."

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