This part of the article is serious.
James Buchanan Jr.
20160115 034534
Mr. Buchanan
Political Party: Democratic Party
Education: Dickinson College
Religion Presbyterianism
Born April 23, 1791
Died June 1, 1868 (aged 77)

James Buchanan Jr. was a Democrat who was in office just before Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War. In those the Democratic Party was far more Conservative than it is today. Buchanan supported Slavery despite being a Northerner. James Buchanan was considered one of the worst Presidents of the United States. Later Buchanan supported Lincoln during the Civil War. Buchanan vacillated saying and doing first one thing then another. Civil War didn't quite happen during the Buchanan presidency but started soon after.

Could anyone else have done better during those difficult times? Abraham Lincoln did much better.

Liberal presidentsEdit

Here we're parodying Conservapedia and we know we're exaggerating.

It took a great Liberal President named Abraham Lincoln to clean up after Buchanan, this was the first major event where a conservative screwed stuff up and a liberal fixed it (Other times would be the 1930s, the 90's, and 2009. [1][2][3]


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