James Mountain Inhofe
20160208 062821
Sen. Inhofe
Political party: Republican
Education: University of Tulsa
Religion Presbyterianism
Born November 17, 1934

James Mountain "Jim" Inhofe is a Republican senator form Oklahoma. He's very religious, and not really in favor of things like science or the First Amendment.

Inhofe likes to pretend Global Warming is a hoax because, according to his logic insanity, God would never do something like that. He's compared environmentalists to the Third Reich and compared the EPA to the Gestapo. If that's not crazy enough, he's also a huge homophobe, voting to ban gay marriage, opposing protecting members of the LGBT community through hate crime laws, and believes employers should be allowed to discriminate against gays. Inhofe is supporting Marco Rubio for president in 2016.[1] Inhofe is endorsing John Kasich since Rubio Droped out.[2]

Inhofe got a Tower named after him.[3]



  1. Inhofe endorses Rubio
  2. Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe endorses John Kasich for president
  3. New Vance tower named for Inhofe

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