Jeffery Lane Flake
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Senator Flake
Political Party: Republican
Education: Brigham Young University
Religion The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Born December 31, 1962

So Sen. Jeff "Empty Suit, Empty Soul" Flake, Scott Brown 2.0, is such a mewling little coward, he tells the mother of a mass shooting victim he, like her, supports expanding background checks -- then votes to kill the bill. This must be why the rest of the Republican robots on the floor burst into applause after he cast his shameless vote:[1]

Jeffry Lane "Jeff" Flake is a Republican senator from Arizona that nobody likes a few miserable republicans like. The Elephant's hate Jeff Flake as well.[2]

In 2016, Flake went to Cuba with Barack Obama.[3]

Why Doesn't Anyone Like Him?Edit

Flake had the lowest approval ratings of any senator in the country.[4] Why is he so unpopular? The mother of one of the victims of the Colorado theater shooting wrote to him, asking if he would support expanded background checks for gun owners. In a hand-written letter, he told her that "strengthening background checks is something we agree on." Then, after promising to vote in favor expanded background checks, he votes against them. [5] No wonder nobody likes him.

In 2014, his fellow Arizona Senator John McCain surpassed him as least popular senator. [6]

Re-Election Edit

Jeff Flake has said he is not running for reelection in 2018. This is because of Donald Trump he says.


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