Jefferson Sessions
Jeff Fucking Sessions
Talking about deporting poor mexicans
Political Party: Republican (the beginning of time-present)
Ideology: Far-Right
Education Huntingdon College
University of Alabama
Nationality American
"In 1945, Nazism was finally put to the end, it was always thought that Nazism would always be dead. But In 2017, a man known as (...) was elected president and he chose this man to become Attorney General. Nazism is once again a major minority." - a wise old man
Jeff Sessions was born in 1946, somewhere in Alabama. Jeff Sessions is Donald Trump's Attorney General, which Trump chose because he's an idiot, and Sessions over here is also an idiot.

Early Life Edit

-More to be Added

Policies Edit

Immigration Edit

Jeff Sessions probably thinks what Trump thinks about immigrants.


Jeff Sessions is a homophobic idiot, which he hates gays at all times. He said "Homosexuality is a hate crime." Which is not. Jeff Sessions is a hate crime!

Blacks-Live-Matter Edit

Jeff Sessions is shown he is a white supremacist because he wants police to kill minorities to the death. Jeff Sessions also wants a Nazi America.

Marijuana Edit

Unsurprisingly, Sessions doesn't want marijuana to be legalized (because only liberal sodomites smoke weed, am I right?). He has stated that in order to be a "good person" you cannot smoke marijuana.

Gallery Edit

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