John R. Cash (born J.R. Cash) (1932-2003) was a popular American country singer known for revolutionizing country music songs such as I Walk the Line and A Boy Named Sue. He was also famous for his successful struggle with drugs and the fact that he was a liberal Christian who had a very strong faith but sympathized strongly with the poor, donating large amounts of money to charity, and native Americans.

At one point in his career he released a song named The Ballad of Ira Hayes, a true story about a native American who fought in the Pacific War, took part in the raising on the flag on Iwo Jima, became an alcoholic to cope with his post traumatic stress disorder and died at the age of 32. Radio stations in the south initially refused to play this song because it discussed the plight of a repressed minority, but he eventually managed to get major radio stations to play it by personally writing letters to them and it became a hit.

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