Jordan map

Jordan is an Arab country that borders Israel, the Dead Sea, the Palestinian territories, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the gulf of Aqaba.

Jordan is a Monarchy. Although Jordan is not Democratic [1] the government there is less oppressive than many/most in the area. There are efforts to improve democracy in Jordan [2] but as of 2015 we don't know if anything will come of this.

Historically Jordan was part of the Turkish empire until the First world War, after which it was handed to Britain as a colony.


Jordan took part in two of the Arab Israeli wars, the original 1948 war from which Israel emerged as an independent country and the 1967 war. Between 1948 and 1967 Jordan controlled the Palestinian territories of the West bank including East Jerusalem but Jordan lost those in the 1967 war. Since 1967 Jordan has been at peace with Israel.


  1. Jordan's elections will not and cannot be democratic – they must be boycotted
  2. Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance

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