Jose Rafael Cordero Sanchez
Jose Rafael Cordero Sanchez bio
Jose Rafael Cordero Sanchez
occupation: philanthropist, activist
Education:: UCLA
Born December 14, 1990 (aged 25)

Jose Rafael Cordero Sanchez (December 14, 1990) is a Venezuelan activist and philanthropist.

Biography Edit

Jose Cordero was born and raised in Barquisimeto. He started getting involved in social activities and marches and critical views on policy and apart from other issues such as xenophobia, bullying, homoparental adoption with whom he was working and debating on social networks. To later focus primarily on the care and protection of animals in the street and in captivity. Then in 2015 hits a support to the work of helping people with disabilities in the communities of the city of Barquisimeto.

The labor of activist Edit

Their social work began a year ago, initiating calls for peace and tranquility to his country Venezuela by the political crisis that woccurred on February 18, 2014 where Cordero sent a statement to the people of Venezuela and other personalities as Susej Vera, Roberto Messuti, Roque Valero, Florentino Primera among others, They sang for peace and tolerance to stop the demonstrations and deaths.


Rafael Cordero Sanchez: "Los animales tienen derechos" [1] [2]

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