Ken Cuccinelli(aka Kookinelli) is a total blockhead.  We are being serious when we say this.  Even more than Ted Cruz

Believe it or not, there are plenty of blockheads in this nation; and enough in the great State of Virginia to make this man attorney general and the Republican nominee for governor

Good news: he lost.

How Extreme he Really IsEdit

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 12.10.08 AM

Republicans by Insanity Levels.

Average Teabagger Ken Cuccinelli
Anti-Obamacare Bragged about filing a lawsuit over Obamacare within 15 minutes of it being a law[1]
Abstinence Until Marriage Wants to ban oral sex.[2]
Anti-abortion Wants to ban abortion, even in the case of rape and thinks the movement to end insurance for birth control is similar to the Civil Rights Movement[3].
Anti-gay Opposes state school policies banning discrimination of LGBT students [4]
Anti climate legislation

Spent taxpayer money in a witch hunt of University of Virginia climate scientist Michael Mann because he published literature that climate change is real[5]



Needy politician: Will work for gifts.

Both Cuccinelli and Virginia governor Bob McDonnell accepted gifts from a company called Star Scientific.  Both men also hold thousands of dollars in stock in that company.  The gifts included everything from flights and money for lodging to Thanksgiving dinner, the use of vacation houses;food supplements; and even paying for McDonnell's daughter's wedding.  None of these were disclosed until years after they happened[6]


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