Kent Hovind

Kent Hovind

I personally believe that Satan fell from heaven about a hundred years after the creation of Adam and Eve… He had been God’s choir director since he was created… In his pride, Satan decided he would exalt himself and take over the throne of God. This is where evolution started. (Kent Hovind)[1]
Kent Hovind is the self-named "Dr. Dino", a former high school teacher convicted of tax-cheating who devoted himself to lecturing around the country trying to trick people into believing creationism. His Masters and Doctorate degrees are derisory [2][3] from an unaccredited college [4] [1] that PZ Myers doesn't think highly of.
Kent Hovind’s infamous alma mater has put together a collection of responses because they are “under attack!” Only they aren’t—they’re being laughed at. (PZ Myers) [5]

He uses a combination of obsolete data, logical fallacies (most commonly reducto ad absurdum, and sometimes the variation thereon, reducto ad hitlerum), [6] [7] [8] doctored quotations [1] and technical jargon in order to trick people who don't believe in evolution into not believing in evolution.


Hovind was sentenced to ten years in federal prison in the January 2007 for tax evasion. There's also been trouble over Copyright. [9] Hovind was released from prison in July 2015. [10]

Then they try to say Christians are moral. Well this one certainly doesn't look moral.

People like Hovind show just how unreasonable Extreme religious fundamentalists can be.

Tribute to Kent Hovind you're a FUCKTARD03:08

Tribute to Kent Hovind you're a FUCKTARD

Critical Analysis of Kent Hovind's Garden of Eden

$250,000 Challenge Edit

Much has been made of "Dr." Hovind's open challenge, wherein he claimed that he would pay anyone who could offer any evidence of evolution $250,000. Further inspection of the contest rules shows that what he means by "any" evidence of evolution is proving beyond a reasonable doubt that Biological, Chemical and Planetary evolution all happened and happened without the involvement of God. That's right. In order to prove evolution is happening, you have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that there is no God.

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