King Kong is one of Hollywood's most famous iconic character. It is the name of a fictional giant gorilla who is the main character of several Hollywood films. He lives in the legendary Skull Island which is filled with monstrous creatures.

The main three films featuring King Kong are King Kong (1933 film) which was a grond-breaking Hollywood film and its two remakes King Kong (1976 film) and King Kong (2005 film).

The storyEdit

The story of the 1993 and 2005 films set in the 1930s during the Great Depression when unemployed actress Ann Darrow is hired by filmmaker Carl Denham to be an actress in his new film. They with a group of explorers traveled to the Skull Island where Ann is captured by the natives and sacrificed to King Kong. King Kong captures her and takes her to his cave and saves her from different hostile prehistoric creatures. Eventually Ann's lover, Jack Driscoll finds her and gets her back, but Kong follows and is captured by the crew of the ship. Despite resistance from Ann and Jack, the ship's crew take King Kong to New York City and put him on display, but he escapes. He along with Ann go to the top of the Empire State Building where ultimately he is tragically killed by biplanes.

Popular cultureEdit

King Kong has greatly inspired popular culture. He has influence in numerous cartoons, comic books, films, magazines, plays, poetry, stories, television programmes and advertisements.

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