KPOP is the most awesome thing the World could ever have or so its fans think. Even better than You. Kpop is South Korean Music and it's very very very very popular in Asia and other parts of the world. There are Boy bands, Girl bands and also solo artist. Kpop consists in dance, singing and rapping. The songs are mostly in Korean but also have some English words included. Kpop have a lot of fans, each band have a band color which is the color that represents the band and they also have a fan club names related to the bands name or the band in general. Kpop fans are very supportive and caring, they usually use some words like oppa, unnie, debak, aegyo and other words that are in Korean just to kind of get the Korean feel. Kpop songs are very meaningful and they have a dance for almost each song they have. Kpop bands have the most awesome conserts and the travel to a lot of different places. They are very funny, have very beautiful voices and also very hard working.

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