The Klan's logo. Does it remind you of Aa swastika?

Because of the harm the KKK have done and still do it's not surprising some contributors used very strong language in this article.

The Ku Klux Klan are a bunch of Racist, Conservative low-IQ hicks or Rednecks (who can't even spell "clan" right, and that's just the clever ones).   

What the KKK are likeEdit


The KKK lynched carpetbaggers who came to the South to stop racial inequality.

It was formed mostly by Democrat (when they were the Conservatives) southern White supremacists in the 1860s, as an opposition to Republicans like Abraham Lincoln. However, now it is just a whole bunch of people in a worthless movement. They like to 'spread the light of God' by burning crosses. Most conservatives, however, aren't this bad.

They absolutely HATE Blacks, Jews, Spaniards, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Gays, Socialists, gypsies, Peruvians, Native Americans, liberals, stoners, Indians, Catholics, Irish, British, Italians, and if they see a person that falls into one of these groups they'll immediately ask themselves, 'Can we get away with Lynching him/her?' KKK members often have a little Black heritage they don't know about.

The police and normal citizens mostly hate the KKK, as the KKK hate colored citizens. The KKK think that they are superior only because they are too stupid to observe their low position amongst the scum of society. The word stupidity doesn't even begin to explain the moronic logic and manipulative ways in which they scheme, only to discover the abomination to mankind that they are. Here's what one silly Conservative said about them

The Ku Klux Klan are a bunch of cool guys who were known for defeating the carpet bagging liberals.* [1]

but even most Conservatives despise the KKK.

Other countriesEdit

The KKK are trying to spread their poison to other nations like the UK where they are causing a bit of a problem in Wales, see BBC News, KKK plans 'infiltration' of the UK, though the BNP are more of a problem there. Their poison is causing a small problem in Australia, see Ku Klux Klan sets up Australian branch. They're trying to cause trouble in Canada but decent Canadians don't want them, see Ku Klux Klan in Canada.

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