Drinking age map

A map of the legal drinking age around the world. Liberapedia isn't sure if this map is accurate.

The legal drinking age is the age at which someone can legally drink alcoholic beverages.

In the USEdit

In the United States, many people feel the drinking age is ridiculous. The drinking age should be moved down to 18, at least. We might want to move it down even further, like 16. The legal drinking age is just needless prohibition. People often start drinking far before they are legally old enough. The same thing is happening for underage drinking that has happened for all other drugs. People do it anyway.

21 year legal drinking age in the US - Conservative Prohibition Edit

With the help of the Conservative Coalition in Congress, in 1987, President Ronald Reagan forced the States to adopt the 21 year legal drinking age. Conservatives would like to forget this fact in order to maintain their pretense of support for Libertarians, but it was Conservatives who eliminated States Rights in the establishment of legal drinking age.

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