Levi Keith Johnston
20160302 023851
Mr. Johnston
Political Party: Unclear
Born: May 3, 1990
Notable for Getting into Bristol Palin's pants

Levi Johnston is an Alaskan high school dropout, sports star and father to at least one of Bristol Palin’s two children.

Johnston had an on-off relationship with Bristol Palin and the Palin family. Bristol and Johnston were engaged to be married, then the engagement was broken off. Bristol Palin started court action seeking sole custody of their child, and then a little later the couple said they were engaged for a second time, and then the engagement was broken off for a second time. Johnston has criticised the Palin family on television. Later he said criticisms of the Palin family he’d made weren’t entirely true and later still that these statements were true after all. He says he wants to run for Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska.

Johnson later married another woman.

There’s a suggestion that Levi Johnston will appear naked clothed in Playgirl magazine. [1]



Obama said Bristol Palin’s first child should be off limits but I’ve decided to write this article for 2 reasons. Firstly Bristol is now several years older, secondly I feel it should be pointed out that religious pressure on unsuitable partners to marry can lead to unhappy marriages. Johnston has denied such pressure and we don’t know if there was any but we know such pressure sometimes happens in Christian fundamentalist communities and when it happens it’s bad.

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